Private label

Our quality, your label


Acesur offers top quality
private labeling services, from production to distribution

We are one of Spain’s leading olive oil producers, with more than 175 years of experience pressing, refining, packing, and exporting premium extra virgin, pure and refined olive oil for major store brands around the world. With such extensive experience in the olive oil private label business, we’ve been able to revolutionize and streamline olive oil production and packaging, resulting in the highest possible profit return to our customers.

Our olive-growing masters have perfected the methods of cultivation and extraction, preparation and pressing. We have seven plants, of which two are certified organic. All of our facilities enforce strict quality control processes, settling for nothing less than the best results. Our products are monitored and tested by 20 professionals, including chemists and highly trained analysts. All of our facilities are audited and certified by GFSI recognized institutions including AENOR, CAAE, HFCE. Our products and facilities are also certified Kosher, Halal and Non-GMO, and meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards with a special focus on the environment.

We can guarantee a consistent supply of readily available premium olive oil at highly competitive pricing. Our resources allow us to efficiently pack a full line of private label Spanish green olives while promising the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Tell us what you need, and we’re happy to customize your order. We offer a wide range of retail and food service sizes, in glass, PET and tin.



- EVOO + Sunflower Oil (SFO)
- EVOO + Avocado Oil
- Sunflower Oil (SFO) + Avocado Oil
- And many more

Olive Oil

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Organic EVOO
- Pure Olive Oil
- Extra Light Olive Oil
- Pomace Olive Oil

Flavored Oils

- Chili-infused
- Garlic-infused
- Herbes de Provence
- Lemon-infused
- Truffle-infused

International olives & condiments

- Spanish Green Olives
- Greek Kalamata Olives
- Broken Salad Olives
- Sliced Jalapeño Peppers
- Whole & Sliced Pepperoncini (Golden Greek Peppers)
- Giardiniera (Pickled Vegetable Mix)

Seed Oil

- Avocado Oil
- Canola Oil
- Corn Oil
- Grape Seed Oil
- Rice Bran Oil
- Sunflower Oil

Oils for the food industry

Sauces and

- Balsamic
- Vinaigrette
- Barbecue
- Brava