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ACESUR-USA.COM is a website owned by ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A.

In compliance with the Law of Information Society Services, we had to identify the holders and those responsible for this Website.

ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A. is the administrator of the site, it has its office registered in CARRETERA LA CAROLINA 23220 VILCHES (JAEN) (Spain). It has been inscribed in the Trade Registry of Jaen in volume 289, inscription 1ª y 2ª of J-10596 sheet, page 123, Email:


ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A,  wishes to bring to the attention of the users, suppliers, or visitors of ACESUR-USA .COM that ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A. will be the commercial entity responsible for all the services that are offered.


The Conditions of user of ACESUR-USA.COM will be applicable to everyone who has access to the website.

The use of the Website ACESUR-USA.COM by the user implies full acceptance of the general conditions here specified, so if the user does not agree they must refrain from using the website.

The user should commit not to use the ACESUR-USA.COM site or its services and contents in accordance with provisions of the legislation that is applicable.

ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the management companies of this site reserves the right to withdraw access to the site, without the need of prior notice, to any user who challenges this legal notice.

ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the management companies of the present holder reserve the right to modify at any time the present general conditions of use as well as any other general or particular conditions, regulations of use or warnings that may apply. In addition, it also reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and location of the website, as well as the contents and conditions required to use them.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the access and use of the website and the contents included in the website freely and consciously, under his/her own responsibility.

The user undertakes to make a lawful and proper use of the website and its contents and applications, in accordance with the legislation in force, of these general conditions, morality, generally accepted good customs and public order.

The user acknowledges that access to ACESUR-USA.COM is completely free, with the exception of those services or applications that are so designated in its particular conditions, services that will be clearly identified by the user, being their dominion to make use of them or not.


ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A. does not guarantee the continuous access nor the correct display, download, access or use of the elements and information displayed on the web, which can be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors beyond its control.

ACEITES Del SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the management company of this website are not responsible for, the information and other contents integrated in spaces by third party websites accessible from the ACESUR-USA.COM through links, hyperlinks, or links, nor for the information and other contents integrated in spaces or third party web sites that are accessed through links, hyperlinks, on the webpage ACESUR-USA.COM or any information regarding the products or services supplied or rendered through the webpage ACESUR-USA.COM by third parties or entities and in particular to damages of any kind that linked to the previous that could be occurred by:

  1. Absence or deficiencies in the information provided to users or in its truthfulness, accuracy and sufficiency
  2. Non-compliance or defective compliance or non-conformity of the fulfillment of contract or pre-contractual relations.
  3. Breach of obligations which are incumbent by the provider about the information of the company services.
  4. Breach of rights of consumers and users.
  5. Infringement of the rights of intellectual and industrial property acts of unfair competition or illicit publicity.
  6. Infringement of the right of protection of data, professional secrecy and the rights of honour, family privacy and the image of a person.
  7. In general breach of any laws, customs or codes of conduct that may apply.

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A dose not assume any responsibilities for damage, damages, losses, claims or expenses produced by interference, interruptions, faults, omissions, telephone breakdowns, delays, blockages or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system caused by deficiencies, overloads or errors in telecommunications lines, or any other circumstance beyond ACEITES del SUR – COOSUR, S.A


Furthermore, it shall not be liable by illegitimate intrusions through the use of computer viruses or any other origin, abuse of the web ITALICAOILS.COM by any user, security bugs motivated by the incorrect functioning of the browser used or non-updated versions of the same.

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users on the web, through any of its applications that promote it.

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A therefore is not responsible for the legality, reliability, truthfulness or accuracy of the information provided through the webpages by third parties unrelated to the website.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the management companies of this website ensures that all the services provided through the website will be hired with its legitimate holders, acquiring original products and respecting the rules enforced by law in the Spanish legal system. In addition, the contents of third parties which are integrated as part or parts of the services provided by ACESUR-USA.COM                            will be requested as “as it is” (the same), being its suppliers responsibility for its truthfulness, legitimacy and viability.


The user acknowledges and agrees that all rights of intellectual property on the contents and any other elements on the web page ACESUR-USA.COM belong to ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A or to third parties who are announced in the same.

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A holds rights on the integrated graphic design of website, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, texts, textures, graphics and any other content of the web page.

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A content may not be reproduced in whole or in part, nor transmitted or recorded by any information retrieval system, in any form or by any means unless you have prior authorization and written consent of the owner.

In addition, it also prohibits any form of exploitation, including any kind of reproduction, distribution, session to third parties, prior communication and transformation through any medium without the authorization or permission of ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A

Breach of these prohibitions will legitimise ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the management companies of this webpage to undertake legal actions that correspond.

Restriction on the use of images or content of the official website of ACESUR-USA.COM

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the managing companies of this website acknowledge that the Internet network is a means to share information. ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A, as well as the managing companies of the website allow users to reproduce images or contents of the website of ACESUR-USA.COM only in the case that is previously made on request to the administrator of the web page of ACESUR-USA.COM   to and to obtain the relevant authorisation of ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A. or the third party owner thereof. It is reported that the criteria to be applied for the assessment of applications will be, among others, the following:

  • That website has no intention to make profit.
  • The website is to offer a positive image of the brand ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A.
  • The website does not contain indecent or illegal.
  • The images are not altered.
  • Only pictures representing products of ACESUR-USA.COM can be displayed.
  • That the number of pictures reproduced is reasonable and consistent with the purpose of the web page.
  • Indicating the ownership of copyright in the following way: “Copyright ©”.
  • That the source of origin of the images by using a hyperlink to the website of ACESUR-USA.COM is indicated.
  • To use images or content, the person or entity accepts that ACESUR-USA.COM if believes it is appropriate, to come in contact with it in order to establish a link between the ITALICAOILS.COM website and its website.

The use of “cookie” technology will be established in a document according to the legislation in force.

The user undertakes to use the services and all content of ACESUR-USA.COM in accordance with these terms and conditions, law, morality, good customs generally accepted and public order.

The user undertakes to refrain from using the services of ITALICAOILS.COM and its contents for purposes or effects that are illicit, contrary to the provisions of these conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way could damage, disable, overload or impair the services of ITALICAOILS.COM and its contents or prevent normal use or enjoyment thereof by users.

If the COMPANY has no knowledge of Web pages to which users have access through the search engine service, by what is unknown have a contrary to law, morality or public order, that infringe rights of intellectual and industrial property and contain any damage, defect, computer virus or similar software routines. Then the user undertakes to refrain from:

  1. sending advertisements of any kind and communications for the purpose of sale or other commercial nature to ACESUR-USA.COM or to a number of people who are users of the website ACESUR-USA.COM without prior request or consent by ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A
  2. Send any other unsolicited messages, or previously consented to a number of people who are users of the website ACESUR-USA.COM
  3. Send a number of e-mails unsolicited or previously consented to users of ACESUR-USA.COM
  4. Use distribution lists that can be accessed through ACESUR-USA.COM or services for the implementation of the activities referred to in the preceding paragraphs.
  5. Put at the disposal of third parties, for any purpose, data from distribution lists. Users affected by the receipt of unsolicited messages directed to a plurality of people can communicate to ACESUR-USA.COM by sending an e-mail to
  6. Obtain, and even attempt to obtain, information and any kind of material accessible through ACESUR-USA.COM or the services using procedures other than jobs available.
  7. Do not correct use of the contents of ACESUR-USA.COM using them for purposes other than those provided for, reproducing them, modifying them or transforming them.

Certain texts and constituent graphic elements of ACESUR-USA.COM spread across this, as well as its presentation and Assembly, are exclusive property of ACESUR-USA.COM or hold the rights of exploitation of these through agreements with third parties. There are also texts, images and logos of third parties which are also protected by the laws of intellectual and industrial property. The intellectual property rights of the material provided by this website belong to their respective authors.

ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A. does not grant license or authorisation to use their intellectual property rights or any other property or right related to ACESUR-USA.COM except by expressing by an agreement with third parties.

Aside from the above, any reproduction or presentation, even partial, of the contents of this website or of one of its elements, with a commercial purpose or for use beyond those mentioned, it shall be prohibited and that it does not have the authorisation expressed or written by ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A. Breach of the foregoing shall be entitled to appropriate legal action by ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR S.A.

They are also prohibited:

– The presentation of the webpage of ACESUR-USA.COM in any window not belonging to ACESUR-USA.COM using the technique called ‘framing’ unless it has the express agreement of ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A

– The inclusion of an image displayed on ACESUR-USA.COM on a page not belonging to ACESUR-USA.COM using the technique known as ‘in-line linking’ is not permitted if it does not have the express permission of ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A.

– The extraction of materials from the website causing any prejudice either to WWW.COOSUR.COM, subject to the provisions of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, which approves the revised text of the law of intellectual property and the law 5/1998 of March 6, and in addition to the law “The Spanish Directive Law 96/9/CE” based on the legal protection of databases.

In any case, ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A must allow the establishment of links of hypertext (hyperlinks) on another websites to be directed to the homepage of ACESUR-USA.COM or any other internal pages, whenever the corresponding pages appear in a full window and under their respective addresses.

The rights which are expressly granted above are not only reserved to ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A, or where appropriate, but also to the third party collaborators of ACESUR-USA.COM

All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs, logos, symbols, mixed, figurative or nominative trademarks that appear in ACESUR-USA.COM or the licenses for using them belong to ACEITES DEL SUR – COOSUR, S.A.